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Bäumer Design has been accompanying its clients in their quest for excellence through advice and the creation of objects for 30 years...

As the only independent jeweller on Place Vendôme, Lorenz Bäumer has signed his creations with his own name for the past 30 years, at 19 Place Vendôme in Paris. He lets his unbridled creativity run wild to create, surprise and sublimate.

Born in Washington, with diplomat parents, Lorenz Bäumer’s childhood was paced by travels. From the United States to Jordan, including Austria, Germany and Canada, diversity impregnates the creator, whose sensitivity is driven by a talented jack-of-all-trade mother who initiated him to craftsman ship from a young age.

After graduating from Ecole Centrale in Paris, his engineer background makes him a pioneer in the use of new technologies and new materials. Very soon, he became one of the most renown jewellers of the 21st century.

Spotted by some of the greatest Houses, he accepted to take on the challenge of developing Chanel’s Couture jewellery line. He had the honour of becoming their Artistic Director for 20 years and has asserted himself with success. His creations soon became classics of Maison Chanel: Ultra, Camelia, Coco and Matelassée…

Chanel, Louis Vuitton

In 2007, he is trusted by LVMH to launch Louis Vuitton’s first jewellery line. Acclaimed by his peers for his first collection “l’Ame du Voyage”, he spent the next ten years reinterpreting Vuittons travels through jewellery.

In 2010, the creator was chosen by the royal family of Monaco to create Princess Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert II wedding jewel. He created the famous tiara “Ecume de diamants”.

In love with art in all its forms, he draws for numerous Maisons and multiplies collaborations: Hermès, Cartier, Piaget, Bréguet, Baccarat, Nathalie Blanc or Guerlain, for which he drew the famous Rouge G as well as the bee fragrance flacon. He is particularly intent on responding to his friends demands. He created the academician swords of his friends Prince Gabriel de Broglie and the chancellor Xavier Darcos.

From his eponymous Maison at 19 place Vendôme, Lorenz Bäumer continues to celebrate femininity with audacity. He revoked the codes of jewellery and constantly innovates with his avant-gardist style.

Each of his creations have a soul. He finds inspiration through passions: art and nature. The creator is above all an epicurean and collector who likes to share his discoveries. In his salons place Vendôme, he will invite you to taste whisky and rum from his personal collection, or make you share his passion for ancient drawings, photographs of the infamous Colonne Vendôme, comics or knives…

Creator and precursor, Lorenz Bäumer is above all a very genuine and generous artist, whose creativity has no limit.

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