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For more than 10 years, Guerlain has been researching the miraculous benefits of honey, with inspiration from neuroscience. But the love affair between the royal bee and Guerlain is not new...


Founded in 1828 by Jean-François Pascal Guerlain, the House works to preserve and develop its unique heritage, in order to pass it on to future generations. The bee is the symbol of this luxury House: it represents hard work, sobriety, social organization, and discipline in the service of the common good.


Already in 1853, Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain created for Empress Eugenie, on the occasion of her marriage to Napoleon III, a citrusy Eau de Cologne that he naturally named "Eau de Cologne Impériale".

The manufacture of the bottle, engraved with the coat of arms of His Majesty, was entrusted to Pochet & de Courval glassworks. A bee, symbol of the Emperor and emblem of Guerlain.

The relationship between Guerlain and bees is an enduring story: in 2017, the house created the University of Bees, an annual event bringing together leading specialists in the field to identify solutions and implement better practices for the preservation of bees.

The Maison Guerlain has also taken an interest in honey, appreciated for its exceptional virtues as a remedy in ancient times. Today, Guerlain is interested in this precious ingredient for its natural healing properties. It was on the island of Ouessant, a UNESCO-listed ecosystem, that Guerlain discovered a pure honey, with a biodiversity that allows black bees to produce a honey of exceptional quality.

The bee

It is this honey that Guerlain has selected and integrated into the heart of the Black Bee Repair anti-aging creams, an association of a blend of honeys and an exclusive royal jelly. Guerlain has combined environmental preservation, research and science to create exceptional products.


The bee is also at the heart of the numbered editions created by artists and craftsmen, renowned in the art of bottle making, such as Baccarat with its precious crystal bottle. Its wings are first transparently crafted, then gold reflections are added, and finally silver flashes.


The jeweler Lorenz Baümer also created a unique jewel for Guerlain. The perfume jewel, named the "Queen's Secret," is worn as a clip or pendant and is adorned with more than 14 carats of diamonds requiring nearly 500 hours of work.


A creation worthy of today's queens!


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