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In this creative exchange between Lorenz Bäumer and Maison Delisle, inspiration unfolds like a living painting,

where each element contributes to weaving a unique flower.
Like Bäumer Vendôme’s jewelry creations, this camellia-shaped chandelier draws its influences

from the delicate forms of nature, revealing a subtle harmony between art and craftsmanship. 

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13949-Détail 10_edited_edited.jpg
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Every detail of this luminaire testifies to the meticulous craftsmanship that characterizes

the work of Maison Delisle, where the precision of the chasing recalls

the sophisticated elegance of the creations.

Selected materials, such as straw marquetry, engraved glass and alabaster, lend a delicate texture,

evoking the softness of first light.

This chandelier, a symbol of timeless refinement, offers total customization,

like a piece of goldsmithing taking shape under the expert hands of Maison Delisle craftsmen.

Precious materials can be chosen according to the environment in which the chandelier will be placed.

In this exceptional collaboration, each element of the camellia-shaped chandelier

is an ode to creativity and excellence, reaffirming Delisle and Bäumer Vendôme’s commitment

to transcending the boundaries of aesthetics and craftsmanship.

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