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Lorenz Bäumer is a lover of the arts in all its forms, and has designed for numerous houses, multiplying his collaborations. The one with Guerlain is certainly one of his most emblematic. Discover this intimate link that Lorenz shares with the Guerlain House and for whom he has designed his famous lipstick Rouge G and the abeille perfume jewel. 

Rouge G

The result of Lorenz Bäumer's inventiveness, the Rouge G is a real jewel that testifies to Lorenz Bäumer's engineering training. Indeed, in the form of an inverted and rounded ingot, the Rouge G reveals a courtesy mirror when opened. 

After many calculations and hours of work, the white gold of the Rouge G has a special treatment that leaves no fingerprints to the touch. 

Les secrets de la Reine

Discover the jewelry bee to which Lorenz Bäumer has imagined the shapes and the setting... A creation of exception and high jewelry, for the passionate of jewelry.


Emblem of the House of Bäumer, the bee is found in this edition of the perfume specially designed for Guerlain. Original and singular, this perfume bottle is the fruit of Lorenz Bäumer's inventiveness and imagination, an extraordinary creation. 


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