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Nathalie Blanc

Having a particular interest in Nathalie Blanc's work, Lorenz Bäumer immediately accepted when Nathalie Blanc proposed to share her savoir-faire. Discover the secrets of a collaboration which makes hearts flutter with gold and diamond-set eyewear. 

Passionate about Lorenz Bäumer's creations and his iconic heartbeat jewellery, Nathalie Blanc wanted to work alongside Lorenz Bäumer to further challenge the traditional codes of jewellery.


In a passionate and feminine style, Lorenz and Nathalie worked together to create a collection of eyewear never before seen. Refined, the frames are made of 24-carat gold and feature the famous signature heartbeat introduced by Lorenz Bäumer in tribute to the electrocardiogram of his first child.


This signature is found on the temples of the glasses and is paved with 0.13 carats of diamonds. 


Timeless, this jewel with a singular and refined style is the result of a close collaboration between the jewellery workshops of Place Vendôme and Jura, the cradle of excellence in eyewear. 

Requiring a year's work, each element of the bezel is thought out in minute detail: the sixteen diamonds that form the "heartbeat" are soldered at the elbow at a temperature of 1000 degrees in the Jura factories, the 5-micron gold coating of the bezels is achieved by electrolysis (passage of an electric current that allows the movement of metal ions) in three successive 30-minute baths. 

An optical jewel based on traditional French savoir-faire

The two iconique models of the collection, Alexandra with its butterfly shape and Suzanne with its round, are designed on an inverted bridge to embellish the shape of the nose and emphasize the contours of the face. 


For this collection, four variations of 24-carat gold are available: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and ruthenium gold. The quality of the metal guarantees the preservation the frame's brilliance and the diamonds it is set with.

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