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The year 2000 box set

A collection that tomorrow was waiting for...


There are four of them. Four works of pure jewellery that seem to carry within them the distant sparkle of the past, like a page that has been turned but is nevertheless loved. But it is the future that serves as their guide. They inaugurate an era of jewellery that gives free rein to the imagination. Through them, Cartier enters a strange territory. That of the everyday life of a humanity won over by technology or molecular biology. Atoms, electronic chips and bar codes interpreted by the stones thus become jewellery poetry.


Produced in thirty pieces each, these rare pieces offer a new look at the world where art, science and life are finally reconciled. 
The result is a four-part collection that is unlike anything we have ever seen before, a collection that tomorrow has been waiting for. 


A modern heir to the animal theme dear to Cartier, this beetle brooch unfolds in shades of black and white. Black for the body, white for the wings, presenting a real circuit like a Y2K microprocessor. 



A wide and ample black gold cuff like a sophisticated bracelet of strength on which are inscribed diamond bars whose whiteness contrasts with the blackness of the gold. They line up vertically to infinity, a brilliant metaphor for the bar code of the year 2000.




This black gold bracelet is made to be wrapped around the wrist like a black and white belt. A rigid ribbon delicately highlighted by the sparkle of white gold bars paved with diamonds.


Their luminous course ends at the edge of a crystal rectangle set with stones. A precious replica of an electronic chip in the centre of which an emerald-cut diamond pulsates and reveals the geometry of a magnetic memory card. 


This necklace hinges around the neck, supple and light as a caress of pearls. The pearls are made of crystal and linked together by white gold bars paved with diamonds. A galaxy of atoms, this necklace transcribes pure energy, captured by Cartier through this celestial necklace. 


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