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Created in the early 2000s, the Méli-Mélo collection is the result of many hours of work and imagination. Milky or acidic, the stones of this collection allow the creation of a modern Tutti Frutti style collection that cultivates controlled asymmetries giving rise to unique and singular creations, an iconic collection of the Maison Cartier. 

A fruity, colorful and tangy collection

The Méli-Mélo necklace is the result of a hundred hours of work. Between drawings and complex prototypes, the assembly of this necklace in the workshops of the House of Cartier was no easy task: a polishing machine had to be used for more than fifteen hours to obtain the brilliance of the setting, before moving on to a setting to respect the individuality of each stone as well as a final polishing in order to erase all possible traces of tools. 


Made of platinum, this necklace has a finesse, lightness and strength that would not be possible with gold. The idea was to make the jewel as beautiful on the reverse side as on the right side. This jewellery prowess is all the more rare as there are very few of them in circulation in the world... 

Meli-Mélo, the fruit of 100 hours of work

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