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Art de la table

Because not only jewelry is dear to this designer, this dinner service is the first of Lorenz Bäumer. Butterflies, beetles and other beetles are invited on this singular and colorful service that will bring a touch of originality to your meals.


Knives are among the objects that Lorenz Bäumer loves, symbols of sharing and epicureanism. A collector for many years, he decided in 2017 to create his knife, an object with various functions: opening a good bottle of wine, sharing a sausage or cheese with friends, this is the purpose of the Friendship Knife, made of steel and onyx horn.

Table service

The jeweler Lorenz Bäumer signs his first table service as refined as it is provocative. 

Several qualifiers, each more provocative than the last, can be found on these plates: from the bastard, to the bastard, from the goddess to the pain in the ass, Lorenz Bäumer plays with creativity and humor in this table service full of nerve and self-mockery.


"It's better not to make a table plan" advises the designer. "The idea is that everyone discovers under his linen napkins embroidered with a question mark, the word assigned by chance."

A second collection of plates with insects as well adapted to contemporary tables as traditional, gives desire to awaken the taste buds .... A joyful and playful service: Butterflies, ladybugs, colored beetles compose a service that will embellish your tables.

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