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Charlène de Monaco

In 2011, Lorenz Bäumer had the honor of being chosen as the personal jeweler of Princess Charlene of Monaco for her wedding. Among several proposals, the tiara named "Écume de diamants" proved to be the one that won over the Princess' heart. The tiara, set with multiple diamonds of different sizes, was inspired by their shared passion for the sea, as the Princess is a champion swimmer and Lorenz Bäumer is an avid surfer. Karl Lagerfeld immortalized this magical moment by photographing Lorenz Bäumer and Charlene of Monaco wearing her diamond seafoam.


"Ecume de Diamants"

The tiara is a unique piece of jewellery, made in the image of the princess. It is composed of round and baguette-cut diamonds, and polished white gold which gives a mirror-like effect. Once assembled, the tiara reflects the light and recalls the movement of the waves.


The sumptuous "Écume de diamants" tiara is adorned with sparkling round and baguette-cut diamonds and eleven pear-cut diamonds, the largest of which alone weighs 8 carats.


The first particularity of this tiara is that it can be worn as a jewel in the hair but also as a brooch. The second feature of the Écume de diamants tiara is its asymmetry, a bold choice since the Écume de diamants is more difficult to attach than a classic tiara, but Lorenz, an engineer by training, rose to the challenge.

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