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Taken in 1913 on the beach of Etretat with a Camellia, Coco Chanel had a real passion for this flower which became one of the emblem of the Maison Chanel. 

This flower without perfume or thorns reflected the philosophy of Coco Chanel by its simplicity and purity.


Its sobriety as well as its round geometry, the classical and uniform arrangement of its petals, both obvious and beautiful, reflected the character and personality of the woman she was. 

The soft colors of camellias take over this collection of high jewelry, soft and delicate. 

More than a flower, the CHANEL camellia is an inspiration. Its roundness, all in geometry, lends itself to the most varied figures of style. From the most naturalistic to the most abstract.

The pink colors of the stones match perfectly with the delicate white diamonds set on these exceptional creations.

These pieces of high jewelry with a unique and singular style subtly reveal their beauty adorned with diamonds and other precious stones sublimating each outfit. 

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